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Block ROBLOX.COM IP address on my router

Hello, my boy is on my last nerve, constantly accessing Roblox when he is not supposed to. I want to access the router, and set up a rule to block the Robloox IP address on my router. This should be pretty straightforward, right?

ROBLOX.COM IP address = (range

I have added this to the IP port rules (blocked all for source and blocked the single IP address in destination), enabled it and now just resetting the router, and this should be blocked. I can log into the router and toggle this rule on and off.

I'm OK with accessing and adding stuff, just wanted to know that I am doing it in the easiest way. If this is the right way about it, I will create a rule for this to be active during the day only - for now I just want it to work!!

Thanks all - this lockdown won't last forever, hang in there!

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Re: Block ROBLOX.COM IP address on my router

your doing it in the cheapest way.

Third party routers do give better options for setting up screen times. (as easy as a mobile app linked to router)

I don't block roblox but I do edit the roblox settings.

disable roblox chat and in game chat feature.
enable account settings pin.

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