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Bad latency/lag in modern warfare

I seem to be suffering bad latency/lag/rubber banding in modern warfare and other games on Xbox live. Are there currently any known problems relating to this on virgins network?  I’m on the 200 mb service with a super hub 3 running in modem mode connected to my pfsense router. Naturally the Xbox is connected via wired gigabit Ethernet. As the pfsense has another wan port I have a “backup” 4g/LTE connection via another provider and once I switch the console over to that as it’s gateway the lag problem subsides and I can play normally.I run traffic shaping/sqm on the pfsense box to help smooth out any buffbloat issues and this has been working fine for a long time now, so this is another reason I think the issue lies with virgin as it’s only recently started happening 

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