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BR2 Bromley Area constantly massively high ping (Ethernet)

I'll post this again since it never seems to get fixed no matter how many people have complained in our area. This has been going on for years, and many people have confirmed it in the BR2 area, but since the pandemic, it has gotten much much worse. Constantly spiking to well over 1000ms latency multiple times a minute, averaging a 300ms reponse speed at practically all hours outside 2am.


This has been going for years, with changed router, changed superhub, and the fastest package in our area. Virgin needs to rebuild the cables in the roads in this area to be able to support these speeds without throttling them and causing constant ping/latency spikes, or reduce the speeds on offer in this area; because clearly, the infrastructure cannot support it

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Re: BR2 Bromley Area constantly massively high ping (Ethernet)

Chances are you're subject to what VM call "over-utilisation".  The company's track record on resolving this is poor, added to which the current circumstances put most of the pressure on the very constrained upstream (gaming, videocalls, working from home), so chances are they're hoping the problem goes away as and when Covid's done and dusted.  Which unfortunately means your options are to tolerate it (and pay VM's increased prices), or you find an alternative ISP.  

If you want to confirm that this is over utilisation, you can setup a BQM, let it run for 24 hours and post a link to shared graph back here.  

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Re: BR2 Bromley Area constantly massively high ping (Ethernet)

I'm in BR1, and if you look at the posts on my profile, you'll see that I've been suffering with similar problems on and off over the past year. You're right in that it's a problem with over-selling their services far beyond the capacity of their infrastructure. Corporate greed at its worst.

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