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Area Reference 03 - Croydon - Unplayable Ping

Just another update to advise anyone on these forums not use virgin media as an ISP. Change your ISP if you live in area reference 03 near Croydon when you get a chance to change your contract.

Its unplayable and quite frankly a scam, that they can get away with keep selling new customers packages, when the current customers "gamers" are suffering due to poor management of over sold demand & usage in the area..

Constant latency issues spiking all day and night, attached below is some evidence of latency charts, that show the over utilisation and over sold packages in the area reference 03. Over the past week. Its a shambles - I hope this gets resolved quickly but i know it wont.

Remember download speed, means nothing once the file or game has downloaded. You need stable latency to enjoy and play, you will not get this with Virgin media in area reference 03. (croydon/purley area.) Gamers be aware!





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