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Appalling packet loss and connection quality

I've had Virgin 1 GB service for a few weeks short of a year. It's been truly awful, in evey way possible. I slate Virgin any time someone asks me about them - I can not think of a single redeeming feature.

The last fortnight has been awful, one example, last night:

You can even see a router reboot in there, such is my frustration and the need to do something. Working during the day is problematic because of packet loss, gaming in the evening is impossible.

I am sick of "we will send an engineer out". There has not been anything wrong with the setup, never has been, and the engineers that are called out just slate Virgin for their ineptitude. Every single problem which I have experienced over the last year has been caused by *your* incompetence at running infrastructure to support a reasonable connection. It has always been denial, pure and simple - but that is a nonsense as evidenced by these boards, BQM and the repeated complaints for similar problems.

What are you going to do about it ? And I don't mean threaten to waste my time with another engineer call out, not interested in that.

The moment toob roll out (they are surveying my building next week) I'm out, and you can whistle for the last 6 months of money. I will look at what action I can take through the small claims court and I will follow up my official complain I made back in March with the regulator.


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Re: Appalling packet loss and connection quality

Hi Richy,

Thanks for your post I am sorry to hear you are still having issues, I have checked and you are currently affected by an SNR outage, I did not hear back from you via our PM conversation and you still have an open complaint, if you could reply to my message back in January we can look into getting a resolution. The reference for the outage is F008479167 and the fix date is the 20th of October 10:45



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