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350mb installed for 1 week. Bad gaming.

Had 350mb virgin installed 02/12/19 speeds and upload good on speed test but jitter 5ms.

Online gaming (apex legends) 4% packet loss. I'm a hardcore apex gamer and play everyday.. since the virgin installed I've had to abandon the playstation 4.. I only got virgin for online gaming aswell! 

Previously on sky's top fibre package for 3 years.. no issues what so ever! 0% packet loss.

So at the moment with virgin. results

350 download (Happy with).   36 upload (happy with).    5 jitter (not happy with).   Ping (17ish)happy with.

Ps4 speed test

250-350 Download.(happy with).     2.5 upload (seriously what the hell is that about)

Apex legends

4% packet loss and around 28 ping.  Refusing to play so thinking about leaving virgin. 

Conclusion... why am I getting packet loss and jitter and why on earth am I getting 2.5 upload when is saying 36. (Before you say ps4 is not reliable, I'm getting the download speed on there.)

Right, I'm in the 14 day cooling off period so I need this issue sorting with the packet loss and the upload speed right now or I'm canceling as i dont want to be charged for canceling. 


I have rebooted the modem.

It is wired with brand new ethernet cable (supplied by virgin)

Also tried brand new ethernet cable of my own 

Any suggestion?

With sky I had no packet loss and no jitter and more upload.

You can have 1gb download and 1gb upload but if it's got packet loss/jitter problems.. a 10mb connection with 0% packet loss wins all day long 


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Re: 350mb installed for 1 week. Bad gaming.

The speed test built into the PS4 (and the PS3 before it) is notorious for not being accurate.  As you have said you get better results with a PC on and I get similar disparity between the results on my PC and PS4.  Trust the PC results, ignore the PS4 ones.

The jitter will be higher on a DOCSIS connection, compared with a DSL connection, due to the way the technology works but under normal circumstances it shouldn't be enough to impact gaming.

If you want help from the community you could post some hub stats here or you can wait a few days for the VM staff to get to this thread and they can run checks on your connection.

To get hub stats go to (or if you are in modem mode) to get the VM hub GUI. Don't login (unless you have a Hub 3 and this is your first visit to the hub GUI, which does require you to login) but instead click on Router Status which is either a button in the top right of the screen or a text link at the bottom of the screen depending on which hub you have. Click on the Downstream, Upstream and Network Log sections and copy & paste the figures from those screens and post them here, don't worry about the formatting or you can post screenshots if that is easier (although images can take a while to be approved and visible). If using screenshots be careful to edit out or obscure any reference to your WAN IP or MAC address in the log to protect your privacy.  If you copy and paste the log then the forum will automatically censor this sensitive information.

The community can have a look for you and see if anything in the figures looks wrong and advise accordingly.


My setup: V6 TV box, M350 Fibre broadband with Hub 3 in modem mode connected to a Netgear R7000 router. Telewest/VM user since 2001.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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