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1GB bb Noise w/ High Latency/Ping Spikes & Packet Loss!

I recently (a week or so ago) upgrades from 350M to 1100M with the new Super Hub 4.0 and ever since online gaming has been destroyed by constant noise with insane Ping Spikes over 160ms and Packet Loss of up to 20% for hours.

We are heavy BB users with circa 30 devices including 4 gaming PCs and two PS4's, 5 phones, 2 tablets plus 4K Netflix streaming. All the TV's, PC's and PS4's are wired connections and we have been happily playing CoD and Overwatch for hours without any issues for years but I then decided to upgrade to 1GB as the old Hub 3.0's wifi strength was not good and did not reach all the parts of the house. I am also working from home and I use Zoom and MS Teams for video conferencing all day and that too has been suffering and freezing constantly reporting my end as the one with the unstable connection! Again I had no issues before upgrading.

Since upgrading our online gaming has taken a nose dive - literally from the moment the new hub and speed was activated. I am getting around 450MB most of the time with little spikes of up to 900MB but no higher. So not the 1100MB advertised.

But even when the download speed is over 400MB and spot speed tests suggest the ping is low and there is no packet loss, the online gaming is terrible and unplayable and there is obvious latency and packet loss issues as you can see it in the games as you lurch about. I never had any issues with it before this for years.

So I registered for thinkbroadband and have been using it to monitor my latency and packet loss and the results are dreadful. After 6 days of monitoring I can see one noise free day and the rest are spotted with packet loss and insane ping spikes. 

Here is a snap shot of the graph I'm typically getting. 

Ping and Packet Loss 2020-06-21s.jpg





I'm posting this right now because right this second CoD is unplayable and yet everyone else is doing fine if they are not on virgin and the servers are all up and running fine. But also the Virgin Service Status is all good apparently and I was directed here.

This is unacceptable. I am paying extra for a worse service. Someone at virgin needs to try using their service to play online games as this is ridiculous. Also I can't run diagnostics with the hub 4.0!

Help Virgin Support!

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Re: 1GB bb Noise w/ High Latency/Ping Spikes & Packet Loss!

Occasional ping spikes are normal, most of us get them.  But that much packet loss is unacceptable. It needs serious attention and hopefully a VM person will be along soon to assist you. 

As to the WiFi, the basic Hub 3 or 4 will not reach 'all parts of the house'.  As a very heavy user, you will need to install something better to do that.