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your virgin email account is currently unavailable

Tuning in

I have a secondary email that my wife uses. Yesterday it lost connection and would not send or receive. It is set up on microsoft outlook 365 which we have used for years.  In the past when there were problems with her account I deleted the account details from outlook and set it up again.  It always worked for me before but now it won't accept the log in details.

I've sent emails from  my address to hers and they have not been bounced so I believe it's still active. I can access her account on myvirgin media using her log in details and it shows all the details but when I try to access the webmail section it tells me that it is unavailable 'because your Virgin Media account is locked, or because you don't have and active account with us anymore.'  I do have an active account and followed the steps shown even setting upa new password as advised, but couldn't get anything to work.

How can I get my wife's emails back up and running?


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi mickess,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear your Wife has been unable to log into secondary Email account even after following all instruction including a password reset.

You advised you have removed from Outlook and set back up, are you able to see her Emails when signing into your Online Account?



Thanks Paul. Have now finally accessed her emails after setting  up an outlook email address for her and routing her account via its not satisfactory  but at least it now works.