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windows mail 10 emails stuck in outlook

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Hi, for some reason on my work PC my outgoing emails have got "stuck" in my Outbox.  I have only just found this out and they have been stuck there since January!

At first i thought it was maybe the size of one of the emails.... but i have deleted all the emails in the Outbox and then tried sending a test, but it is just stuck there in my Outbox.

I have checked all of my settings and everything seems fine... and compared it against my home PC and they are exactly the same (home PC sends and receives emails no problem at all....these are as follows... 


I've checked on the forum here, and on-line/goggle, but nothing! 

Can someone please help as it is driving me mad!



What does the :1 on the end of the IMAP & SMTP servers mean ?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


"What does the :1 on the end of the IMAP & SMTP servers mean ?"

That's just the way the Windows 10 Mail app holds and displays the server and port settings. Those settings are correct for VM email accounts.


"Can someone please help as it is driving me mad!"

What I would do would be to check that your work pc can actually connect with the Virgin Media outgoing (SMTP) server even if the Mail app cannot.

You can do that by running a Curl command and here is a step by step guide:

Note that you need to run this Curl command from you work pc. Running it from your home pc won't prove anything because you already  know you can send emails using that device.

1) Copy the following line of command text and then paste it into a MS Word document (or which ever text editor you prefer)  so that you can edit it.

curl -v smtps:// -u username:password

2) Once you have pasted it into Word, replace Username with your full Virgin Media email address,  and   Password  with the current email account password.  So that part should now say something like        It is important to keep the colon  and the space before and after that piece of text exactly as per the original line of text in step 1.

3) On your work pc, type cmd into the Windows 10 search bar, press Enter and then open the Command Prompt.

4) Copy the full line of text that you just amended in step 2 from the Word document and paste it where the cursor is blinking in the Command Prompt. Then press Enter.

That will generate many lines of output but all you need to look for towards the end of the output is either:

235 2.7.0 SMTP350 Authentication successful            - which means that your work pc can successfully access and authenticate with the VM server even if MS mail cannot.

Or an error message such

535 5.7.8 Authentication Credentials Invalid (VM300) 

Post back here with how you get on. Don't post the full output from the Curl command. That output includes your password in a form that can easily be decrypted.

All you need to paste is either that authentication was successful or, if not, the error message line as per the example above.

I hope that makes sense.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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I was having this problem and tried everything. The curl command worked fine. 

The solution was to run the Windows Mail program in Compatibility Mode. Who would have thought! 

Google how to do that if you need. I did it by going into Task Manager, right click on Mail process, go to details, on that process look at Properties and change Compatibility to Windows 8 (highest Windows version available).