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Flag for a moderator password needs resetting [forgotten] to move to new laptop

Hi!  A bit of a challenge here!

Many years ago I started with and had an email I also set my wife up too. So we had two addresses.

I have moved from an ancient laptop to a new windows 10 one and have moved my mail across.

Unfortunately I cant move my wife's email account with Outlook as we cant remember her password. She can still very slowly sign onto the old laptop and very slowly get her emails.  But I can't move her.  As she has so many contacts it would be very time consuming to contact everyone and set her up with a new email. can you do this from virgin media?


I have a Virgin Media account and have the VIP package of broadband and TV.  But all attempts at using it to reset dont work.  I get a green tick when i supply her  email into the forgotten password form - but the it comes back when i send the form in.:

We couldn't reset your password

"We think there may be a problem with the email address you’re using. Please check you’re registered and that you’ve typed your email address correctly."

Can this be done?



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Re: password needs resetting [forgotten] to move to new laptop

Hello grannanp


Thank you for posting your query and welcome to the forum, I'm going to send you a Private Message to get some more details from you to look into this further.