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virgin media not working in outlook

Tuning in

cant get virgin media to work in outlook says password out of date account needs fixing etc any help please


Up to speed

I had the same problem last week. This worked for me - I deleted the VM email address that wasn't working in Outlook, (Note: I had two VM email accounts in Outlook but only one of them wasn't working). I then opened that email address in VM Webmail (I use Chrome on my laptop). I then read all the emails that had built up because of the fault in Outlook. 

I then added the VM email account that I had deleted to Outlook and it worked straight away! All my folders and emails in my In box were returned. 

Hope this works for you! 


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On our wavelength

Great idea if VM webmail worked!  Unfortunately, it doesn't for me (and others).  What is really needed is a clear statement from VM that only some of their systems are working, rather than only posting that everything is fine.  It isn't and there is no explanation of why some "fixes" work for some and not others.  Everyone should be able to access VM webmail so if that isn't working but some emails get through to different platforms, what then??

Fibre optic

My wife found that she was locked out of e-mail using Outlook on her Samsung mobile while we were able to access e-mails on other devices. We uninstalled Outlook on her Samsung and re-installed Outlook. It worked.