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virgin email password problems when using Outlook

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Outlook keeps prompting me for password when i try to open virginmail using Microsoft Outlook as client. I wish to reset this email pasword when accessing mail from Outlook. How do i do that. The instructions seem to be hidden??? Many thanks for help!!!





The information I have is that all apps need to be updated, sorry.



Cheers lee,

sorry if I came across as having a go. defiantly not the intent. its come to something when the best help available from Virgin comes from other customers - speaks volumes of how little they actually care about their customers. 

I have logged out of all devices apart from laptop -( and the phone which is asking for the password) - did a change app password and then updated the password on the laptop (new password works) - logged out of outlook on the laptop and entered the same credentials into the phone with no other devices running outlook E.G.- either turned off or in the case of laptop app is closed. and I still get the same Error message "please check your email and password and try again" I am stumped as i have had these email addresses on the phone working in the past so the basic settings are correct - i have even tried with the old user password. 

any thoughts or suggestions on how to set up these passwords Gratefully received

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@Richardcopeland wrote:

"any thoughts or suggestions on how to set up these passwords Gratefully received"

Rather than keep battling on with repeated password resets, have you tried simply deleting the affected VM email account from the app on your phone and then adding the email account back into the app again as a "new" account?

I know that is a version of the IT support staff favourite, "try switching it off and then on again", but it does often solve a multitude of issues with email apps. As long as your app is using the IMAP protocol, which is pretty much the default these days, the app will synch with all your emails on the VM server.

Note that you should just delete the email account from the email app, do not delete the email account itself from your My Virgin Media Account on the VM website.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Hi Richardcopeland  have you had the opportunity to follow the advice from Coenoby?

If so, please do let us know how things have gone?