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virgin email password problems when using Outlook

Joining in

Outlook keeps prompting me for password when i try to open virginmail using Microsoft Outlook as client. I wish to reset this email pasword when accessing mail from Outlook. How do i do that. The instructions seem to be hidden??? Many thanks for help!!!





Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@KenChakahwata wrote:

I wish to reset this email pasword when accessing mail from Outlook. How do i do that

That's a two step process.

1) The first step is to sign in from this link  using yourVM email address and existing password.  That will take you to the relevant "My Virgin Media" account for that email address.

Then navigate to the "Account details" page by clicking on the "Update settings" tab and then you'll see the "Account details" tab. Scroll down that page and you will see a place to edit the password to reset it for that email account.

2) Once you have reset the password on the VM system you will need to update the settings in Outlook. The easiest way to do that is to run the send / receive routine as normal to get Outlook to pick up your VM emails. This time when Outlook prompts you for the password you should enter the new password. If all goes well Outlook should save then that password in its settings and use it in future.

Sadly you may hit a snag:

  1. You may find you are unable to reset the password on the VM server yourself
  2. Or you may find that even after successfully resetting the password you still get an error from Outlook. That's because despite Outlook currently prompting for a password the real cause of the problem lies elsewhere, possibly in the other email settings in Outlook.

In either case post back here with the full error message and details of what happens. Just make sure that you do not post your full email address.

I hope that helps.



I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media.

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very helpful, thanks

On our wavelength

I have this sort of problem with an Ntlworld email address. On Friday I  received an email from telling me that my main email address had been blocked due to suspicious activity. None of my other Ntl  or Virgin email addresses were or are affected. The internet -security email said that I should do a  full scan and change my password, and the address would be unblocked..

I did several Norton full scans, and they reported no problems. I changed the password and can get access to that email address via the Virgin Media site- but not from any of my devices using Outlook from Windows 10/11, or my iPhone. I have tried several new passwords but on each occasion Outlook reports that something went wrong, Outlook could not update the password, and advises me to try again – which I have done several times- or contact the email administrator. The iPhone just tells me that “No password provided for “ that email account!

What can I do to get Outlook operating on this email account as it does for my other Ntl- and Virgin ones?


Many thanks.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM have recently changed the log in requirements for accessing VM Mail via third party apps.

If you change the password for the account in My Virgin Media > Account settings > Account details you will not be able to use the new password to access the account via an email client. Email client access now requires an app specific password which can be generated in the MyVM > Account Settings > Account details > Mailbox App password management.

Once you have generated the app password use it in the incoming and outgoing server settings of Outlook for the email account concerned.


I'm a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share knowledge, I don't work for Virgin Media, I'm a VM customer. There are no guarantees that my advice will work. Please read the FAQs
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Hi Graham 

I have the same problem - i use ntlworld and Virgin email addresses on several devices. i have followed the process, generated an app password which is in the format word-word-word-word.  But when I enter it onto a second device it does not work. I am wondering, when you say app specific#, does it mean generate a new password for each time I want to use outlook client and set up NTL/Virgin email on the device?

Hi Richardcopeland, thanks for the message and welcome to the forums. 

I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the email address via the app, can you create another app password and let us know if you are still having issues with the service? 

Can you confirm what error message you are currently getting? ^Chris. 

Hi So I reset one of the passwords and clicked "Done" and I just get the error..... "login error Please check your email and password and try again" - I've had this email address working on the phone so I know that the basics like email address and servers ports etc are good - but since this app password came in I can only get email to work on one device at a time - and in this case even generating a new app password does not work even when I have copied it directly from the screen. 

its driving me mad having to read one email address on the phone another on the ipad, and yet another address on the laptop because they are the only devices I can get that email account to authenticate on! I always want my email - not aways feel like carrying all 3 devices around to achieve it   

Thanks for getting back to us Richardcopeland 

Sorry to hear you're still having issues accessing your email address.  Are you able to confirm that all your passwords for the specific email address are in sync?  Have you completely signed out of all clients across all devices?




Hi Lee,

The passwords are not now sync. Tthe other devices were still logged in and receiving email under the old login words.

are you saying that you have to completely log out each email address from all devices in order to put the password into a device - log out of that device and repeat the process for all the devices? if so is it sufficient to close outlook on the PC so i can still use the web to set a new password?