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virgin email gone

This morning my ntl address appears to have been deleted,I left virgin on 16 December advised them of this by registered letter as they do not have an email communications option and were not answering phone calls. I was later advised the welsh office I sent the letter to was closed in April!

Eventualy I had excellent help from virgin staff on community. Virgin when they disconnect email service should message on the day it happens. I do not know if I am unable to access emails through virgin because they have disconnected before the due date. I know a person who had Virgin email terminated after only one month of leaving. Must be frustrating  for Virgin staff helping here at the woeful performance Virgin lack of communication elsewhere, they really have failed since the covid situation began. I have a gmail email account but sometimes the odd email goes to my ntl address and not gmail even though the two accounts are linked. Never again will I have a single line provider or broadband provider email service so open reach providers from now on 

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