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unable to connect to virgin media imap server after work being carried out by virgin meda

Tuning in

When trying to email from ntlworld email account through outlook, getting send /receive error. Unable to connect to virgin media imap server. Settings look ok. This after work carried out by virgin media, overnight on 29 jun.  Unable to contact virgin media via phone. What is going on ?


Fibre optic

Same here.

What kind of service are you running here Virgin, what a shambles to put it politely. Im pleased I don't use this email service as my primary, its crap!

Got an email a few days back to say the email service is getting some essential maintenance, seems they made it worse!

Up to speed

I've managed (AFTER MANY ATTEMPTS) to get the IMAP server to connect and download today's emails - the SMTP refuses to connect still...

Time to seriously look at dumping Virgin as the bills go up and up!

Also as service levels decline, you could be right.