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unable to collect email

Tuning in

not sure why but unable to collect emails .


The provided login data to access e-mail server seems to be wrong. Please correct them.
but cant seem to change them.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

@essexmark wrote:
The provided login data to access e-mail server seems to be wrong. Please correct them.

I see from your posting history that you asked the same question  in an earlier post back in September 2022. However, it is not clear form that thread whether you ever got the problem resolved.

Basically, if you are seeing that error message from VM Webmail it suggests that the Webmail account you are accessing is set up to use the Unified Mail option to manage emails from more than one VM email account within one Webmail account.

To resolve that error you need to:

  • reset the password for the email account that is generating that error
  • then update the settings in webmail so that it can access the emails relating to that problem account.

However, since that previous post VM have made a couple of fairly major changes to their email security which means you have to go through some extra steps compared to the process back in 2022.

To keep the useful advice to you as simple as possible It would be useful to know:

  1. did VM explain how to resolve that problem back in 2022?
  2. were you able to resolve it or has that error message been coming up all the time since Sept 2022.

I am basically trying to find how much you already know so any advice is focused on what you really need to know to get your email account up and running again.


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Forum Team
Forum Team

Hello essexmark.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

From what @coenoby has advised. it foes sound like you are trying to use a unified email account.

Can you please confirm if this happens with your primary email address.