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unable to access emails on mobile

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Hello, my wife cannot access her emails on her Samsung phone. This has just occurred and she is receiving this message on the phone. Problem is she can't remember her password. 

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 16.29.10.png

I looked at my Virginmedia account details as her account is within mine. I saw there were messages on both of our email accounts , however, I don't have any issues with mine ! This is the message there below :

Screenshot 2023-07-25 at 16.29.35.png

I went into edit to see if changing the password would help. Ignoring warning I changed the password which then stated new account set up ( words similar )   However, this has now worked.

Where do I go from here ?




On our wavelength

Hi Jodi, yeah I tried that . I had to back up old data on her phone first and then delete her email app. Think it's the Samsung one. So tried to set up a new one with the instructions above regarding using the Media Mail app. I received this message. (see attachment)


Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 11.26.22.png

Thanks for coming back to us makemray,

We're sorry to hear this options did not work. Just before we invite you in for a private chat, can we ask if your have the latest software running on your handset and all updates have been completed?

Please let us know and come back to us. 

Kind regards Jodi. 

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Hi Jodi,  all download  software updates are set on automatic also the last softwear was 30th August 2022  It's a Samsung S7 edge.  All was working well until a few days ago no issues with email on her phone.  

On our wavelength

I have just changed ( just now ) my password for accessing Virginmedia. Should the password within my email account settings change automatically?  I have never had to change them manually before when I changed a password. 

Hi makemray,

Thank you for reaching back out, if you have changed your Online Account password this will also be the same for your primary Email account.



On our wavelength

I was referring to the password within the email account settings (see attached image)  Also has the team seen my response to Jodi's question; " 

We're sorry to hear this options did not work. Just before we invite you in for a private chat, can we ask if your have the latest software running on your handset and all updates have been completed?"

Screenshot 2023-07-29 at 14.06.26.png


as you advised the last update was 2022 try updating the software on the phone manually.



in order to change the Email password you can do this Via your online account.



Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Hi Ray 

Looking at the screenshot it seems that the username is incorrect. 

It looks to me like you have typed in a christian name and surname in the username field.

The Username should be the full email address  ie

I don't work for Virgin Media.
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Hi thanks, that screen shot was from my primary account with my name. That account works fine so I don't think thats an issue.   The problem is the added account ( my wife's)  I have changed her name with her email address as you suggest and it has not helped. The problem seems to be the password within those settings. Not sure why things started to go wrong as nothing had changed within those settings.  Since I have tried updating the password on her account, I have used the password I use to sign into Virginmedia and emails. Didn't work so I also tried the generated app password. No joy there also.