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the worst customer service experience

Tuning in

I have a simple problem with email .. something wrong on the Virginmedia side. Can't be hard to sort I thought until I tried the support 'service'. 

Trying to get through to anyone other than the most annoying set of bots imaginable or to 'agents' who's only solution is to reboot the router, is impossible. Anyone know the trick to find a human to talk to that knows more than they can read out from an FAQ?

I have spend hours on the phone, on WhatsApp, on messenger .. even raised complaints. All the complaint results in is a text message to say they tried to contact me but couldn't get through! A total lie! Then an offer to call for a priority call on 150 which is nothing more that a generic support line. 

Funny how the sales guys have no problem contacting me ... support, no chance. 

This is beyond doubt the worst support service I have ever come across for a technology company. Even make British Gas look slick ...

Anyone from Virginmedia reading this??


Alessandro Volta

You are most unlikely to get any technical advice on the phone. That's just the way they run it. 

If you post details of your problem here, you will get some help. 


my secondary email account is not accessible - service stopped a few weeks back. No changes on my client side. Primary still works fine. This is a problem that is within VM infrastructure and I can't see anything I can do to fix it. 

It's really quite poor that I have to ask a 'user community' for technical support for a service that I am paying VM for, don't you think?

'It's just the way they run it' is not an excuse or explanation for poor service. I only joined this forum to air my frustration, as there appear to be no other routes to VM - having a rant at an agent poorly equipped to perform their function is unfair on the agent, but I would dearly like to get hold of one of their support managers and reveal some secrets about ITSM to him/her.

I somewhat foolishly hoped that VM might actually read these posts to find out how to improve. Having read how much frustration exists with the 'users' as evidenced in the forum, it seems they clearly don't read these posts - or at least don't act upon them. 


Alessandro Volta

Since VM has started running down their email service, they are not going to be spending any time or money on improving it. In fact if people move to a different email provider they will probably be pleased. 

Anyway to your problem. When you log into MyVirginMedia, can you find both email accounts listed? If so, try changing the secondary email account there (I believe the procedure has changed recently). 


I appreciate that you are trying to help me, and thanks for the pointer. Been there, done it.

You might think that downgrading their email service excuses bad support, but in my book if a service provider wants to reduce service on a previously contracted service, then there should be a consultation and a commensurate reduction in fees. And btw, I not asking for any improvement - I just want back what I had before. Please don't make excuses for them.

And now I am even able to complain and the complaints process - they've closed my complaints! Good grief. 

It does seem that the only place that elicits responses from VM is Trustpilot. I'll try there next. 



Hi @JR_666


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community. 


I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having with your email account. 


Just to clarify please, are both email addresses listed when you sign into your online My Virgin Media account?


What error message are you getting when trying to access the email account please?


Please pop back to us when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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to be clear the problem is within the VM infrastructure. No part of the solution to the problem lies within my remit to fix. I know this because the problem was fixed by a VM agent ... after I wasted many hours on the phone trying to navigate VM obtuse support process. 

I pay for support through my fees. I do not expect to trawl forums for solutions to problems with VM services. 

So who are you? What support are you offering? Can you access my account? If this is a formal support service from VM then I'm happy to use it, but I don't see you can apply any security on a public forum!

Hi JR_666, 

Thank you for your reply.

Just to clarify, myself and my colleagues are Virgin Media Forum Team members and this can be confirmed by clicking on our profiles or by visiting here.  For any assistance that would require account access, we do have the option to private message but this would be initiated by ourselves via an invitation.  

You have mentioned that a Virgin Media agent has fixed the issue, is this a previous issue or the current one you are facing?

Please let us know and we will be happy to assist further.

Thank you,





On our wavelength

i agree with you they same did to me

livechat they use bot

that bot dont know how chat with deaf people (me)

since NTL wonderful service then virgin oh dear

so soon i quit virgin and join BT

they no think of customer, they think of money

Hi DeafMan, thanks for posting and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear you're unhappy with the service you're receiving.  I can see that you're liaising with my colleague Martin, on another thread. I will therefore leave you in his very capable hands.