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sending quota exceeded!

When using MS Outlook on my ipad, I can’t send ntlworld emails because it says my data quota has been exceeded. I use wi-fi with my ipad only. I can send the emails on my iMac. Why is this please?

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Re: sending quota exceeded!

@Peter110 wrote:

 Why is this please?

In the title you say "sending " quota but in your post you say "data" quota.

You need to clarify that by posting the full and exact error message including any VMnnn or other error code that you are getting. Copying and pasting would be great so that we get the precise wording.

Once you have posted that information someone on here will be able to give advice.

One other thing. When you say "I use wi-fi with my ipad only" is that using wifi from your VM broadband at home or while you are out and about away from home?



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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