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secondary email account vanished

Joining in


My primary address uses the "" domain.  a secondary address using the "" domain seems to have vanished in the last few days.  It isn't accessible using the account settings on the primary account and if I try to reset the password on the secondary account the system shows an invalid email address - i.e. the whole account seems to have vanished rather than it being a password issue.

I urgently need to access some emails on the secondary account - any suggestions??


Up to speed

All my virgin e-mail address end with ''; which shows just how long I've been with Virgin!  So, I've no idea, unless you try the 'Add e-mail' in the settings of your main account.  I wouldn't try and re-set the password either.  It seems to spell disaster if you do that.  I found that once I added my other accounts so that they opened in my main account, I could then access them separately if I wanted. (The passwords for them all have to be the same)  I couldn't do that before.  I reckon that's where people were going wrong.  They couldn't access their secondary accounts and were being told to re-set or change their passwords, which didn't help, in fact did the exact opposite.  Good luck.