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retrieving old ntlworld messages

Hi i'm trying to retrieve messages from my old ntlworld account because i need to delete an old twitter account which used the ntlworld email... how can i retrieve the email?



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Re: retrieving old ntlworld messages

It sounds like you are no longer a VM broadband customer?  In which case your right to access the email address ceased 90 days after that account closed.

Check if the email address is still active somewhere in the VM system - use to get an indication.

If you can remember the password, you might get emails to download to an email client such as Thunderbird.

But VM staff are under no obligation to help you get access to something you no longer pay for. The most they will do is arrange for complete deletion if that hasn't already happened.

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Re: retrieving old ntlworld messages

And you can discuss with twitter how you might go about deleting your account with them using methods that do not involve access to your former e-mail address.

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