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"my ntl email has been hacked

Tuning in

My email has been hacked  i have changed my password can i get a new email address what else can i do very worried any help would be apprecciated


Tuning in

My email has also been hacked.  They have changed my password at least 6 times in the last 48 hours, and despite me putting in the 2 step verification, this doesn't seem to stick.  I changed my login from @ntlworld to @gmail, changed my password to a seemingly impossible one to hack (again the 2 step verification didn't ask me for the correct answers) and within a few hours they had got in again and changed my password despite the new email address.  The first time, Virgin customer service got me in and changed the password, but since then, I have been able to get in via my finger print.  Annoyingly, they used this hack to get into my Facebook account, using the ntlworld email to get the passcode (took me all day, continually fighting to get in and overriding their efforts to get into my account and managed to change the 2 step authentication), but it all comes down to Virgin's security (or lack of it). This also impacts on my being able to watch virgin go, as it is the same password (not my doing, but Virgin).  Virgin need to tighten up their security and I am in the process of changing all my logins that have @ntlworld to @gmail. Doesn't help you I know, but at least you know you are not alone and need to get another email address e.g. @gmail to at least minimise the risk.

Tuning in

Thanks, I have run windows defender offline scan and Malwarebytes also hitman pro and not found anything on my PC. Do you think my online banking is safe with there being no found virus? Is there any way I can get a new virgin email address? I have a Gmail address now.

Thanks again for your help


Hello iandom3


Apologies for the email issues and concern caused, we appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Can you confirm if you are still an active Virgin Media customer? If not, the email address would only be able to be deleted but as you have mentioned, you have an alternative address already. 


Have you had any issues since updating the password for the account? We have help here if you feel the email has been hacked. If you would like us to delete the email account in question, let me know and we can get this arranged for you.



Good morning Rob

Yes, I am still an active Virgin customer I did not change my email when virgin took over. I have set up a Gmail address but have no idea how to link it to virgin. I got a spam letter Sunday saying they had put a virus on my email account and had taken it over, they printed my password for proof. I changed my password straight away they took over my Facebook account and LinkedIn and demanded money. I don`t think I have any issues since changing my password. I was hoping that I could get a new email from virgin. My wife and I are in our 70`s and just a bit worried and unsure any help would be appreciated.

Thanks David

I can understand the concern iandom3, I will send you a private Message to get some more details from you to look into this further for you 🙂