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"Mailbox Full" error and how to solve it

I see a thread on this from June 2020, but it happened to us a couple of weeks ago. One of our secondary email accounts locked and reported mailbox as full. The slider says less than 1Gb spare from 25Gb after a clearout, but:

Please help with

1 How to reliably remove things, as after deleting and then emptying trash, usually nothing happens

2 Does the 25Gb apply to all the emails, or one limit each?

3 What happened to the upgrade to 60Gb? 

Feedback meanwhile:

1 The error message points us to webmail, but there is no help there at all

2 It would be helpful if it could show us where the worst of it is. There is sorting by size, but you have to do that for every folder one at a time

3 Why the heck is there no warning?

Grateful for any help

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Re: "Mailbox Full" error and how to solve it

Apologies for the delayed response, Nimzo0,


It is 25GB shared amongst all mailboxes. I can't find any information about 60GB, can I ask where you are getting this information from? Maybe I can inquire.



Corey C

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