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orphaned email still live needs deleting as breached

Hi all, I've been searching through the threads re this issue which seems to be fairly common but i'm a bit stuck as to how to resolve.

I have an ancient email address, i'm no longer a customer and haven't been for many years but I do have access to the mail on that account on a POP basis to my phone, but cant access it in any other way - it seems that it is possible however as its been hacked by the look of it!

I've checked that the account is still live thanks to some advice on another thread - I don't need it, don't use it but there is some info held there that I cant access to delete.  i've spoken to a lovely lady at virgin who said that her tech dept said that the .net addresses were sold to talk talk so speak to them - i've spoken to them and they said that they did but some accounts, but the emails addresses are still administered by virgin.

from the threads I see that virgin staff purge the orphaned accounts now and then and this is the only way to delete them, and I cant access to do it - could someone put me on the purge list please? or is there something else I can do?

any ideas gratefully received!

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