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ntl email

hi , can someone please help and delete my ntl email address , its getting hacked constantly , i dont use and dont want it , i have changed my vm login to my updated gmail address but i cant seem to shutdown or even remove it from my Vm account , 

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Re: ntl email

@sturge2 wrote:

can someone please help and delete my ntl email address

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing staffing issues arising from the Covid-19 pandemic it is likely to be some time before a Virgin Media employee picks up on your post.

However, I can tell you what I know and give you advice - you are not the first person to come here with this problem. 😉

Firstly, if your Ntlworld address is the one you used originally to sign in to your VM 'My Virgin Media' account, (to check you payment details for example), then  in VM speak that address is known as your 'Primary' account. It still remains as your Primary account even though you have updated your 'My Virgin Media' details to use your Gmail address.

The bad news is that the VM system does not allow the Primary address to be deleted. That's just a fact of VM life I'm afraid.☹️  However, you do have some options.

1) Firstly I would strongly advise you to follow all the instructions here  If you do that it will mean that you have done all  you can to make your Ntlworld email account as secure as possible to prevent it from being hacked again.

2) Any VM email account that is not accessed for 90 days will be suspended. 'Accessed' means either logging directly into the email account using VM Webmail, or checking it using an email app on your phone or other device. Just forget about the account and after a further, I believe, 60 days the account should be  blocked.

So, once you have secured the account, delete the Ntlworld email account from all your devices and do not log directly in to the account to check out what is happening to it. The account will eventually be closed down  due to a lack of activity.

I know that is not really what you are asking for but it is the best option that you have I'm afraid.

Hope that helps.


I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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