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my email stopped working yesterday

My email stopped working yesterday. Its my main email I've used for 20+ years since dial-up days.

I can't reset the password online. I've called the Helpdesk with no luck as it seems to be an orphaned account.

My husband and I are virginmedia customers for 15+ years with broadband, tv etc. Helpdesk said that his email (which he also relies on) is linked to this virginmedia account, but my email is not. 

If it was closed yesterday then it came with no warning!

Can it be re-opened/re-instated permanently?

If not can it be re-opened/re-instated temporarily so i can email contacts to change email address/ect?

I need time 

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Forum Team
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Re: my email stopped working yesterday

Hi Katja_a


Welcome to the Community and thank you for getting in touch.


I am very sorry to hear your email address has been deactivated. 


If the email address is linked to a separate account and not your active one, I am afraid it would be deactivated as per the terms and conditions if not transferred over. The account would need to be in the same name and this would mean any active email on the newer account would be deleted. 


I am very sorry for any inconvenience or upset this has caused. 










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