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lost email


Before this goes to complaints just thought i would post here because the call centres are pathetic and have not helped at all and caused no end of grief.

My son had an email address linked to my account  but when he moved into his own property he took a VM package but wanted to keep his old email address  which ended

We were told that to transfer his email I would have to delete his address from mine and he would then be able to put it onto his own VM account.

I did query this several times as all his emails would be deleted, but I was assured that this would not be the case and all would be fine. Absolute Tosh This was about 6 weeks ago he has made several calls all telling him different stories the last call told him they would be back in contact by the 13 Aug  that day has come and gone with no call  

He has now lost information on his blueyonder email address that was important,  despite them being told this the told him all would be ok and nothing would be lost.

Not the best customer service to 2 accounts mine a long term consumer and a now a new user as well.

Would i recommend virgin at the moment... NO 

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Re: lost email

Hi gingerbones,


Thanks for posting on our community forums. Really sorry to hear that you have been misinformed about how an email can be transferred across.


Unfortumately with a transfer of an email address, it has to go from a disconnected account to an active account, not from an active to an active account. 


As your son's email address has been deleted, it does seem that we will be unlikely to get this email address back active again.


I will pop you over a private message to see if there is anything else we can offer in the way of assistance.


Please click on the purple envelope to accept the chat.


Kind regards Jodi.  

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