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locked out of email and cannot chnage password

My main Ntlworld email address is not working.I can get into my subsidiary Ntlworld and Virginmedia email addresses .I can login with my principal, Virginmedia address and chnage the password to the main Ntlworld account but when I try to do the same on my PC or iphone it will not accept the new one.In Outlook on my PC I just get endless requests for my password for that account which I fill in but to no effect.I try my old and replacement passwords but to no effect.

I thought that I migtht at least be able to read the incoming emails in that Ntlworld account as I used to be able to do on the Virginmedia site- but I cannot do that either.No problem in logging into my main Virginmedia account  to chnage passwords but does not seem to eb working.Real problem as do not know what came in over the last 12 hours on my main NTLworld account .Any thoughts greatly appreciated.Urgent as supposed to be going away for some time tomorrow!

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Re: locked out of email and cannot chnage password

Hi @craibh,

I am so sorry to hear that you're having this issue with your email. Have you checked the advice that we've posted here to see if that helps at all?


Zach - Forum Team

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