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imap4 error and cant login to online account


Have had no email for a week and can’t log in online to check my account. They said they have reset the password and still not working and I need to get to my emails. Have cleared the cache and cookies still no good. Any help please. 

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Re: imap4 error and cant login to online account

@GhostInTheShell wrote:

. Any help please. 

Ok your screenshot shows that you have an issue with the settings in the email client or app that you are using to manage your emails. They are out of date but that is not the cause of your problems.

That fact that you cannot sign in to your email account online is the first thing to look at. You mention clearing cache and cookies so presumably you do not think it is a password error. Exactly what error message do you get when you try to sign in?


I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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