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iPhone 11 won’t let me add my blueyonder email account

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I have had the email account for decades. Following the recent problems with emails I can access my emails fine on my iPad but they weren’t coming through on my iPhone 11 so I deleted the account and tried to add it again. Now it won’t let me. I haven’t changed the password. I’ve tried multiple times and get the message saying “no password provided for Please go to mail account settings and enter a password.” This makes no sense. I am in the mail account settings and have added the password. 
can somebody please help me? 


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To continue….. I also get a message saying the IMAP server “” is not responding. 
Is there still an issue with emails?

Yes, there are still issues

You can keep track of what is going on in the 'Email' forum

I have finally sorted it. You need the email app password which has to be generated in the MyVM account settings. This is different to the usual email password. Took a few minutes to filter through but it’s just worked.