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Other people who have lost Virgin Mail service say that works for them. It does not however work for me. What do I do now?

Stephen Prower


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Stephen, sorry to hear you are having issues accessing your email! Thank you for posting to let us know. 

When did you loose access? 

Would you be able to try this link instead: Mailbox 

It may also be worth trying a password reset to see if this resolves the issue!

Let us know how you get on. All the best!



Molly T

It's an age since I wrote. If I had known it would be so long, I would have acknowledged your kind and helpful reply at the time. I eventually a couple of days ago spoke to a colleague of yours. It was possibly about some other matter. And she advised me to delete all cookies. That did the trick. The URLs that I used to log into Virgin Media now worked again.

I also at some time, as you suggested, reset my password -- and then could not find a page in the internet settings pages of my Email client for sent Email where there was a box for me to reenter the new password! The link to the page was obscurely labelled. So I could only receive Email. I had a second go, and this time by elimination found the link.

I apologise again for the long delay in replying. Thank you very much for your help



Glad it's all sorted 🙂

Do pop back if you need further assistance.


Forum Team

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