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how do i delete an orphan account

I have just found out on here that my ntlworld address, is now classed as an 'orphan account' up until a few days ago i could sign in, now despite getting '3 green ticks', to say all my details are correct and and i'm not a robot, it just comes up with error messages, 'the caps lock is on' or password is wrong etc, i even get to the point where i get to prove i'm not a robot by ticking pictures, then it just bounces me back to sign in, the three green ticks etc etc. 

So given that virgin media have changed their policy, i get that, but a bit of courtesy and notice would have been good?? How can i delete my ntlworld address to prevent it from being used/abused, i cant even have it redirected to my new e-mail as it wont accept my password. So how can i put this orphan to sleep?


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Re: how do i delete an orphan account

Good morning ovdilamp,

It sounds as if you are no longer a virgin media broadband customer, correct?

Webmail access is the first thing to be closed.  But is the email address still showing as valid at  If so, you MIGHT still be able to see your emails for a limited time by using an email client (programme).  Try thunderbird on a PC or laptop.  It is free and easy to set up and use.  Or any client on a tablet or phone.  You need to know your password, of course.

Then you can at least access the remaining emails and back them up while you set up another non ISP email service (which is better for you, honestly).

Only the VM Forum Team can make sure it is completely deleted - come back here when you are ready and get them to delete it.  Don't just wait for it to happen, as that may take YEARS, and someone can still hack in and get your personal and financial information or spam your friends and family.  Good luck.

p.s. it is not a new policy, addresses should be deleted completely 90 days after service finished, but this fails all the time and the address lingers on in orphan status.

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