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how can i get virgin to Unblock my email so i can send emails out?

Joining in

i've asked repeatedly and i can't seem to get anyone to fix this problem. i am unable to sent emails out using the ACCOUNT I SET UP THE VIRGIN ACCOUNT WITH. 

its like i'm talking to idiots, im currently on a whatsapp chat with someone who seems to think i want to block my email when i've messaged repeatedly asking for them to unblock it. 

theres literally nothign i can do to fix this why do virgin block outgoing emails? i don't get it, especially when they're blocking the account that is linked to their own virgin customer.

how do i fix this? its like banging my head on the wall


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi chriscpenman,

Thank you for reaching out to us in our community and welcome, sorry to hear you aren't able to send emails, is this a Virgin Media Email address you are using, what error do you get, is this happening on multiple emails or just sending to one specific email?



no it's the email i set up my virgin account with 

[MOD EDIT: Personal details]

error message is 

sending report error (0x800CCC7C). server responedd:530 IP denied access to SMTP 


Hi chriscpenman, thanks for getting back to us.

Are you experiencing this issue for all outbound emails?  Or is it for specific email addresses?  Also are you sending multiple emails at once?