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error 606 & mailbox not available

I am unable to login to my *** account since today. 
I note other members are posting similar threads.
I too am getting the 'oops - we have found an issue', and call this number 03455454111...
what I have tried to resolve the issue.
Normally logged into my account on chrome, but tried opera browser with same results.
then tried firefox, same results, then tried internet explorer.....with same results...
So I rang my nephew who works in it. he then tried it on his computer, and got the same results with an extra 2 browsers called EDGE & Palemoon...Then he opened up his new laptop also running windows ten... everything is the same, nothing works...
same results across multiple browsers, and multiple computers in various locations...
Yet when I rang Virgin for support recently, they said 
'It's not a problem on our end, try a different browser'
I would imagine there is a problem with virgin? can someone please enlighten me

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Very Insightful Person
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Re: error 606 & mailbox not available

This is the third thread I am aware of raising this issue but the only one where the error is occurring on non-Chromium based web browsers.

Before flagging your post to the forum team can you clarify if the issue occurs when accessing webmail's sign in web page or afterwards?


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Re: error 606 & mailbox not available

Hi Jean101,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the community.


Sorry to hear that you're having some issues accessing the email account. Just to let you know, we've raised this matter with our support team for investigation. To try and assist with the investigations could you please confirm the following information for us;


  • Email domain for affected email address (for example
  • Is this only happening on Google Chrome
  • Devices tried and which are affected by issue
  • Do alternate web browsers, such as Internet Explorer work OK
  • Does clearing cache/cookies resolve issue
  • If you have other virgin media email accounts, are they also affected on this device/browser



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