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How long has the email problem been going on, I usually have my emails forwarded to my gmail account as it not an email address i use often.  but i needed to access them this week and nothing will let me log on, not even from the web page.  i know that the login details are correct but it says they aren't

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Re: emails

@dsr1993 wrote:

i know that the login details are correct but it says they aren't

You could try using the 'Forgotten email or password?' option from the email sign in page  - just click on 'password' on the sign in page to reset your password.

You will have to answer the security question you set in your 'My Virgin Media' account.

You say that you do not often use the account, are you still a VM Broadband customer? If not, there is the possibility that the account may  have been deleted by VM (or be in the process of being deleted). VM email accounts can only be used for 90 days after the Broadband contract is cancelled but they do often continue for much longer than that.

See how the password reset goes. 😉



I am just another Virgin Media customer.
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