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Suddenly can't log in to my emails on virgin The following seems likely....

'The most likely cause is that you no longer have a live VM broadband account. Addresses in this category are subject to periodic purges.'

OK, would have been nice to have been warned,  I'll change to outlook, however I would like to tell all my contacts I have made that change, but I cannot, of course get to my contacts list to tell them!!

Any suggestion how to access my contact list on my virginmedia address???

Formally ********* now..... ************

[MOD EDIT: For your security personal and private information has been removed from this post. Please review the Forum Guidelines]

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Re: emails

Not a good idea to publish your email addresses here.  I have alerted a moderator but you can probably edit your post yourself.



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Re: emails

I've asked the moderators to edit your post to remove the email addresses you have posted - even if they are in jest.

Do you still have a Broadband account with VM?  If so, it may be that your email address is 'orphaned'.  And it could be recovered by the Forum Team (VM employees).

but if you are not a customer, then the only thing they can do is permanently delete the address from the system.  Use this time to access your email via a client (Webmail access is the first to stop working).  You can only re-build your contact list from the remnants of your emails, sorry.

Let us know if you need any assistance, good luck.

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Re: emails

Hello waistbin

Thanks for your post on our forums 

What I need to do is send you a Private Message 

Can you check the purple envelope top right of your screen please 

Speak soon 


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