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Re: emails sent not received by recipients


You are possibly unaware of the extent by which the volume of Spam emails exceeds that of all legitimate non-spam email.


for some eye-opening stats on the subject.

For example -

Between October 2020 and September 2021, global daily spam volume reached its highest point in July 2021, with almost 283 billion spam emails from a total of 336.41 billion sent emails.

That’s approximately 84% Spam, 16% non-spam.

The email providers/processors naturally seek to constantly improve their spam filter and identification processes. This ever-escalating battle between the spammers and the email providers is the main reason why many of us can say - “these issues never used to occur”. The spammers get ever more devious and the providers have to react quicker (not always with correct solutions). Given that every main provider is responsible for their own spam protection processes, there will never be a single global solution to the problems of spam detection and interaction between service providers. Some will always be better than others at it.

In terms of global email stats, Virgin email (and like most european services) is a tiddler with circa 5+million users. Compare that with Yahoo – 200+ million users – could be nearer 300 million by the time you read this. Note that Gmail is approx 1.5 Billion. So, in the email bargaining wars – size is king. Persuading a large US corporate to change their email processes is never quick or easy. It takes time and we will keep pushing whenever we discover something that is patently wrong. 


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