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emails not working YET again and account locked

so emails again not working, i have a blueyonder email ive not used in years due to virgins incompetence with security then telling me every month ive been sending spam emails even when the account wasnt used. Also have a virgin email which again dont use as the email service is far to unreliable and frankly a joke.

However the wife stupidly uses a blueyonder email account and is waiting on some important emails about new job.. all well and good but she cant access then emails as of today. if i go to email sign in virgin web page states the following 

We're doing some essential work on our systems.

We're doing some work on My Virgin Media at the moment as part of an upgrade to provide you with an even better service.

We're sorry this part of the site isn’t available at the moment. Everything will be back to normal again soon, so please come back and try again shortly.

Email isn't affected, so you can send and receive messages as normal.

below that is has the following 

If your email address ends in click here
If your email address ends in click here
If your email address ends in click here
If your email address ends in click here


so you click on the blue yonder one, click forgotten password and it takes you in a loop back to the above..

so i tried to sign in with my own email which i have set up for my virgin account  and tha gives me the following 

Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Please try changing your password in the first instance as this may unlock the account following a security precaution taken by our email team.

If you’re ready to create your new password, simply head over to My Virgin Media:

  • Select Sign In
  • Select Forgotten your email or password? under the password box
  • Follow the instructions to change your password
  • Remember do not use existing or previous passwords. Further help can be found here
  • Check out the Virgin Media Security Hub or our Security Matters community page for further email help & support

Should this fail to unlock the account, please retry signing in again in one hour and make sure you are using the correct password to access your email from all of your devices.

and we are back to stage one of the infinite loop again.. whole many levels of totally screwed up is that now with virgin email.


its beyond incompetence 


now as virgin have decided my primary email which i use for my account ( which isnt even  virgin email for gods sake its an MSN one .  

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: emails not working YET again and account locked

Sorry to hear that your wife is having some issues when trying to log in here elvedhel. 


Can I ask how things are at this moment? Have you been able to try a different browser or clear cookies/cache etc. 




Ryan_N- Forum Team

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