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email stopped working

Tuning in

my email accounts has suddenly stopped working AGAIN what's going on?


Tuning in

My secondary email account was working fine this morning, then suddenly whilst sending mails, I got a message saying that the mail could not be sent form my account... I tried to send a mail to the account from my gmail account but it wont receive either... this happened once before and one of the moderators got it all back for me?

My primary account is still working but I don't use this too often as my secondary one is the one I use the most for registering with web sites

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Is this in webmail or an email client; if the latter try in the former?

What error message is shown?

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it's both..... when I log into VM and emails, I can sign in but I get message that my mailbox isn't available.....  people working on it.