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email on iPad

 Hi all

newbie here.


i have a new iPad Air and am trying to set up the inbox on the ,mail app to accept my virgin media address.

It is collecting the ‘master’ address mails (which I rarely use) but my email address I use for everything it is not recognising.

so emails are being sent from the master account but I can’t receive my personal alias emails.

not very tech savvy so hope I’ve explained this



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Re: email on iPad

@sheshacksue wrote:

  hope I’ve explained this

You have explained it but I have more questions that answers I'm afraid.

You say you are having problems getting the "mail app to accept my virgin media address". You also refer to the fact that the app "it is not recognising" this address.

  • So exactly what error messages are you seeing when you try to add that email address to the mail app?
  • Or, is it that you have set up the email account in the app but it is not picking up or sending your emails?  If that is the case, again what error messages are you getting from the app?

Then you refer to "my personal alias emails". The term "alias" when used to describe an email account has a very specific meaning,

An alias email address is just another way of referring to the parent email account. What I think you refer to as the "master" mailbox. So if the email address you are having issues with is really an alias, than any emails sent to it would be automatically be arriving in the master/parent email account on your app. However you probably would not be able to send using that alias address. 

Therefore it seems strange that is not happening with your "master and alias" addresses. That makes me wonder whether, strictly speaking it is an alias address or just, in VM terms, a secondary address. Secondary addresses are linked to your broadband account but each has its own mailbox and password.

In the main, the only VM email addresses that originally had the option to add alias accounts were addresses. (I have heard that some early Ntlworld addresses had that option as well but I've never seen one.) However, it has not been possible to create alias addresses for many years.

To check whether that address really is an alias address, sign in to you My Virgin Media Account, the one where you can view your VM bills and package details, from here 

Then go to the "My profile" tab and see if that alias address is listed as 'alternate email address'. If it is a secondary address it will be listed under the "Manage accounts" tab.

Check all this out and then post back with how you get on. Once there is a bit more information available you should get some constructive advice on how to resolve your problem.


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Re: email on iPad

Hey @sheshacksue,

Glad to see your secondary email account set-up issues on your iPad have now been resolved thanks to @coenoby 's brilliant response 🙂

Please, visit this link in the future, if you have any questions in regard to email set-up related issues. 
You will find all the information you need.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community, by the way!
Feel free to pop back if you have any more queries or concerns.


Adri - Forum Team

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