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Tuning in

I am getting so frustrated and angry with the poor customer service I have received since 20/9/23 when my emails locked up and I could no longer access them!

I have spoken to at least 6 people-explaining my problem each time- being promised the issue would be resolved and I would  get a call back. But, only one person has ever followed up my issue/complaint. 

I have changed passwords, added 3rd party email addresses but still the problem persists! I have been hung up on and no record of the conversation found! I have asked to speak to a manager numerous times but none exist!

I am sick to death of the disgusting way virgin media treat their customers! I am still waiting for resolution of my issue and i need access to my account for both work and personal medical issues! 

Apparently, there are lots more disgruntled customers with the same issues! Get your finger out Virgin- train your people to be customer friendly and care!


Tuning in

Your account may be locked, but support only found this out after I was given a different phone number to try . I think is was 03301656723, but they put me through to another extension but refused to  give me the direct number. Needless to say the transfer timed out and I had to dial again. This 'second line technical support for Virgin Media, put me through to another extension, and they had no idea why mobile access did not work but helped me fix my laptop access.  (Other numbers  used were 03330005925, 08450643836, 080001477398, 08000522164,  In order to use Blueyonder I needed to change my email password*, change the password for Virgin Media itself as well, set up a separate email account with another provider ( btinternet), use btinternet user name to access Virgin Media Account ( ignoring email option that still appears on screen as they forgot to remove this option when they put the extra layer of security on), then select "email' on next screen and it lets me in with no further password required for email. * So much for 'extra' security and changing it in the first place. I then had to get a system generated password to access from mobile and use that third password on phone. Also, my email was ' locked', which only became evident whilst trying the fix the third time with "support". 

I have had to do all the same tedious processes as you incl telling the adviser the new pw so I will have to change anyway! I have had to create a new gmail account which then seems pointless in eventually using Virgin at all? It seems the email issue is a widespread, major problem for Virgin which is causing huge headaches for their customers- if it is just with ntlworld users- they would be very loyal customers so far...I desperately need access to my email but I also need to be treated with respect! When I'm told i't will be working by 5pm', or ' I will call you back!', I expect this to be adhered to! I'm so frustrated by it all! The number I usually get through to is: 0800 0147398. I currently see no end to this madness!

Update.... I have just this minute at last managed to access my emails! I set up a new email account with gmail yesterday and have now after many different routes over 2 weeks, managed to get a verification code for my new account and accessed my ntlworld emails again! Hallelujah!! I will now transfer important ones to my new gmail account as use that as my primary email as I do not trust Virgin!! Thanks for nothing Virgin- all the people I contacted fruitlessly and I've had to sort it myself! ...But it is back!

Hi lollie1964


Thank you for your post and welcome to our community.

I am sorry to hear it took such a long time to get this issue resolved and we apologise for ay inconvenience or frustration that may have been caused.

If you do have any further questions regarding this, please pop back to us here and we will do all we can to help.

Take care. 


Vikki - Forum Team

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Tuning in

Truly disgusting. Level 1 support simply have no idea what they are doing and I was told 3 different versions of what the issue is on Thursday. Spent all weekend changing emails away from VM. This will be swiftly followed by cancelling my 25+ years account with them!

Hey PeterBrewster, I have just replied to your original thread. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

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