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email disconnected after house move as services not provided in the post code

I have just moved and Virgin Media do not supply the new post code. So I had to cancel the subscription 9after about 15 years with them). Now they have told my email will be disconnected in 90 days. How unfair and inconvenient. has anyone else had this problem/ thanks

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Re: email disconnected after house move as services not provided in the post code

This is VM's standard terms and conditions.  Seriously aleckerman - take this as blessing in disguise.

You can now get a better service and security from a non-ISP email service, and have the freedom of shopping around for broadband without changing your email over and over.  Do it in small stages.  Set up the new email.  Go to VM webmail settings, turn off SPAM filtering completely, set up an autoforward to the new address to catch any contact you miss, and help you decide which services to unsubscribe from.  Don't use the out of office/holiday notice - that is an invitation to miscreants.

But don't just trust VM will delete the mailbox after 90 days.  Check it on and when you find it is still valid, come back and get the Forum Team to manually delete it.  That way, no one can hack your email, steal your personal and financial details, spam your family and friends.  Believe me - we have people come to the forum every week YEARS after service ceased.  Don't let that be you.

Good luck~!


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