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email account password suddenly stops working


    Wondering if anyone has had this issue. My daughters email account suddenly stopped working on her iphone and on the home PC running thunderbird. Event trying to set up a new account on her ipad wouldn't work with the error that the username or password wasn't recognised....but NOTHING on her account had been changed Could send or receive new email. Only webmail seemed to work but only on a page that seemed to be cached - logging in via a "new" webpage had the same issue. 

The solution was for me to log in as the admin to the home virgin media account and on her email account change the password. Funny thing is actually trying to change the password wouldn;t work either but if I "changed" it to the the current password that was accepted and everything worked, phone, ipad, thunderbird account.

If I recall this is the second time this has happened. Very wierd I'd love to know what was going on on virgin's backend.

Feel free to share or if a virgin IT admin is reading this post go an investigate and fix it.

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