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e-mail is S....L....O....W today??

Knows their stuff

As per title.

Takes well over 2 minutes to load the e-mail suite. Is e-mail down AGAIN??

Just had a 'timed out, reload?' message this time?? 

Home page loads OK, and can access messages via Microsoft mail?? so know account is secure...

What's today's excuse VM???


Dialled in

Hey there folks.

I second this.

All my Virgin Media email addresses (both and have been extremely slow today, when receving and sending email through my email client (Outlook 2019).

Area code/reference: 28.

Hopefully a fix is underway.

same here. I'm having speed issues with the web mail and iphone. Server unreachable messages on webmail, takes ages to display emails and generally very slow. I should add that this only started happening today

Dialled in

Hello again folks.

Regrettably, for me, this problem has graduated from slow email receiving/sending, to failed email receiving/sending on quite a few occaisions.

All my Virgin Media email addresses (both and have been very unreliable today, when receiving and sending email through my email client (Outlook 2019).

Area code/reference: 28.

Hopefully a fix is underway.

'Hopefully a fix is underway'

Well, VM won;t even admit there is a problem, so chances of a 'fix' are pretty non existant. 

Apparently 'there are currently no problems affecting your area at present' is what I am being told!!

This is in complete denial to what 'downdetector' is saying!!

Sever problems VM email-

I have had the same problem today area 30; I did reply to this thread, but my post went to another thread for some reason?


Re: Dodgey e mail - Virgin Media Community - 5197370

The email page is still faulty now at 15.20 with no improvement, very slow, not loading some folder messages, the archive folder is missing also- seems that VM are still having problems with the email server/system.

One wonders if VM are still providing a viable email service.

Have to agree with the concern over whether VM's email service is viable.

Outages like these are critical to many people, who still use their ISP email address (and who have not migrated to either GMail or a paid-for platform).

At the moment, I am seriously considering a paid-for email service, such as Proton, Tutanota or FastMail.

Personally, I don't think it should have to come to this, as in my opinion, operational email should be a basic part of ISP broadband provision.

Knows their stuff

'One wonders if VM are still providing a viable email service'

Makes you wonder if VM are deliberately making life difficult for users in the hope they will all get so fed up they migrate to another e-mail service, and then they can justify removing theirs altogether??

Appears there are numerous 'problems' with e-mail that VM don't seem in any hurry to sort, and they are just left until last to even look at?

Notice that NOBODY from VM has had the decency to come on here and even acknowledge there is a problem, or to offer any sort of information. There are enough other posts from users who are having problems, all today as well, yet all we get from VM is....  SILENCE.....

Those monitoring this community, MUST notice the number of posts, but.. decide to ignore them!!  Typical VM 'customer service' again..

I have just had to check this for a friend. The issue was showing on the service status page for his connection. Your mileage may vary.

You might find that your email isn't working at the moment. We are sorry and working to restore your Mail service as quickly as possible.

We hope to fix this by 5 December at 23:25


On our wavelength

Also slow here, area 30 (LE12), took ages to load emails,  half the time inbox was blank, or crashed to server unavailable, even went the long way via Google search,  not any better,  took best part of half an hour to finally get an email attachment and reply, should have been no more than a couple of minutes 🤬🤬