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e mail address cut off without notice despite being told it was fine to keep it!

Just joined

Left this shower 8 months ago and was told i could keep the blueyonder e mail address.....should never have listened to these seasoned Liars!

Anyway they won't restore it so things can be moved to the new outlook address i've now formed.

Any ideas on how to move things over? This new address at outlook is cloud based, can an IT person move files over etc? 


Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

VM normally close email accounts 90 days after the account is closed. You were given wrong information by customer services, you cannot keep an email address on a closed account. Best to wait for 2 or 3 days for a staff member to get to your post to see if there is anything that can be done.

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As Tudor, below, rightly says, once you leave VM then they delete any and all email addresses and mailboxes after 9 days or so, yes you were misinformed, why, well who knows, maybe the agent simply didn't know and made it up, or maybe they simply got bored with you, wanted you off the line and told you whatever you wanted to hear?

Anyhow, how did you used to access your BY email, was it purely via the web interface or were you using an email client, Outlook, Thunderbird etc? If the latter, then you should have a 'local' copy of the emails which you can copy and paste to a new account.

Unfortunately if you only accessed it via the web, and they have deleted it, then, I'm afraid it has all gone. Virgin Media do not keep backups of email mailboxes, that has always been for the customer to do, and it would be legally dubious of them to do so for ex-customers anyway. There isn't anything to restore.