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does not recognise email

Good Morning

I am looking for some help

My mother cannot access her email account, it either states that the email is unavailable or when she does get the log in page it states we cannot recognise your username or password

She change her password but this has had no effect

This has been going on for weeks so any help will be greatly appreciated

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Forum Team
Forum Team
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Re: does not recognise email

Hi jammydodgers,


Welcome to our community and thanks for posting. Really sorry to hear that your mum is having difficulty accessing her emails as the account has been locked.


Unfortunately as you are not the account holder, due to data protection law we will be unable to help you further without speaking with the account holder first.


Please can we ask that you help your mum set up a new thread through this channel and we can go through security with her to get her email unlocked.


As you have already tried the password without success we can do it from here for her.


I do apologise for the inconvenience caused, however as you are a 3rd party we will need the account holder to contact us.


Kind regards Jodi

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