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chrome display of emails makes them unreadable

An older friend of mine only uses her laptop to read emails hosted on the Virgin website.

She usually accesses email via Chrome, and has not had to sign in for ages as obviously the cookies are set for her to log in using the link on the chrome favourites bar.

However something's happened and any link to her account via chrome just pulls up an unusable view of the emails page. The page is hugely oversized and - well doesn't work.

I have looked at her laptop in my car outside/close enough to get the wifi!

I just could not work out how to get the emails to work properly on Chrome and give her the guaranteed easy log-in she's had for 'ever'.

SO as she had Edge loaded I managed to log in to Virgin via EDge and the view of emails was fine. As you'd expect, full functionality. However it won't auto log her in as cookies are switched off! GAH

As I use neither browser I'm unfamiliar with a) what the issue is on Chrome b) how to reset her cookies on Edge, which I think is the easiest/quickest option so she has email access over the festive period.

advice and links on how to get her back up and running would be gratefully received.


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Re: chrome display of emails makes them unreadable

Try either:

  • going to chrome://settings/content/zoomLevels and deleting any site specific zoom levels
  • press Ctrl + 0 (zero digit) to restore default zoom level when issue occurs

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