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blueyonder compromised

blueyonder email address compromised...set up new account...would like at some point to cancel blueyonder account all together to stop spam/spoof emails numbering up to 25 a day but are the two addresses linked in any way?

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Re: blueyonder compromised

Welcome to the forum.  Simple enough question, but the answer may not be so simple. Can I assume that you are a current VM broadband customer and that your blueyonder email address is your primary address and dates back to the Telewest days (ie before the rebranding)?

If so it cannot be deleted as it is embedded in all the VM sign in systems.  However, if you leave it untouched as regards email for 150 days the mailbox should be deleted, leaving the email address as an access username only for checking your VM account.

If this doesn't match you current situation then please post back with more information.

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