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adding filters to extra email accounts

I have one virgin-allocated webmail account which I never use as the address is impossible to remember.  I have three family accounts which I have created under my Virgin email sign in. and which I access using client mail programs on my computers and apps on my iPads.   

I would like to add Spam filters to these three as I can't cope with all the hot Asian ladies being offered, but I cannot see how to add filters to these extra accounts.  If I go into email Settings and Filters, the only account that I can add filters or forwarding, holiday notice or anything else is the default Virgin account.

How can I put filters onto the other three?

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Re: adding filters to extra email accounts

We've answered this recently. You have to log in to each account separately to do this - for obvious security reasons. If a hacker could do this from just interface it could cause real havoc.


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