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Your mailbox is not available at the moment.

Joining in

Unable to access of one of my 3 ntlworld email accounts yesterday and this is the one I use every day.

I get the message 'Your mailbox is not available at the moment' and Outlook from my desktop reports that the password is incorrect (which it isn't.)

Tried to change password as advised but the page goes into a loop when I answer the security questions.

Please help?



Up to speed
I have the same problem today. I also have an NTLWORLD account.
Is yours working yet?

On our wavelength

Same for me too - also 

Forum Team - any idea what's going on ??  Thanks

Same here... It is not a wrong password case, as it was active session refreshed and all broken. 

Even myvirginmedia main page is broken, not just email. Can't get at all into my VM account.

Fibre optic

Mine seems to be working fine in Windows Live Mail, but I got the same "not available" message after signing into webmail.

I just sent a test email from a non-VM account to my NTLWorld account and it was received in Windows Live Mail, so to me, it just seems like the website is down.

Tuning in

Been the same for me for a couple of hours now - blueyonder email for me

Fibre optic

I just checked the service status page and this came up: -

"We hope to fix this by 27 October at 20:25

Our technician is in your area and is working to fix things.

Loss of MYVM and Webmail."

So it looks like they're already working on it.

Solved now - I rang them and it was corrected quickly. I've since had an email claiming that 'your Virgin Media mailboxes has recently been locked due to suspicious activity being detected' which I think is probably cobblers!

Just checked again after seeing the messages above and it looks like it's working again for menow

VirginMedia login shows this:     

We're doing some work on our site

So any "engineers in your area" explanations from them are nonsense, also because already many from very different areas experience same thing.

Why they have to lie, instead of stating obvious facts, not sure.